Garage Door Repair In Dunwoody

As a garage door owner, it is essential to perform preventive maintenance on your garage door in order to keep it working reliably. This involves carrying out regular checks, checking if the door is properly lubricated and if there is any need of repairs required. If you are a resident of Dunwoody in Metro Atlanta, your best place to go for garage door repairs and installation is Garage Door Repair Dunwoody.  Our team of experienced technicians undertake work such as repairing all types of garage door cables related problems:

Garage Door Repair Dunwoody

  • Snapped cables
  • Broken cables
  • Cable that is misaligned with drum
  • Loose cable
  • Bent garage door track
  • Replacing garage track

We are a local company, and we make our services available around the clock.

Our prices are reasonable and affordable. Our technicians are friendly, reliable and professional. Being the third wealthiest city in Georgia, Dunwoody's typical household owns 2 cars or more. Located in northern DeKalb County, Georgia, It is also home to many large corporations like InterContinental Hotels Group, Porsche Cars North America, Inc and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The resident of Dunwoody have plenty of places to hang out in Dunwoody like Brook Run Park, Spruill Center for the Arts, Stage Door Players and many more. They enjoy the outdoors at Brook Run Park, shop at the Perimeter Mall which is Atlanta's premier mall, or attend special events at Spruill Center of Arts. However, we all have our homes to go to at the end of the day, and our garages to put our cars into, and the residents of Dunwoody choose us when it comes to taking care of all things related to garage doors.

Garage Door Repair at Dunwoody stocks different types of garage doors such as ones made as of steel, aluminum, wood, glass and as well craftsmen. Broken pieces such as garage doors windows are changed via Garage Door Repair at Dunwoody. To purchase an original garage door which may best suit your necessities or to acquire the current door exchanged, just communicate our office now. We see that it's unavoidable that after an age of time, repairing must needed by garage doors although they are continued very well. That's the reason we proffer the following facilities round the clock only for the residents of Dunwoody area:

  • Door off track in Dunwoody
  • Weather strip  in Dunwoody
  • Release broken emergency  in Dunwoody
  • Rubber of garage door replacement in Dunwoody

We will help you choosing from different brands of garage door sensors like ones with infrared, photoeyes and safety sensors that automatically open and close garage doors when it detects someone in the way of garage door. Unexpected  closing and opening of doors is a potential hazard. To prevent this, garage door sensors are available which can eliminate unfortunate accidents related to garage doors. Hence the need to install garage door sensors for safety as well as stress free operations related to garage doors. Top brands are available at Garage Door Repair Dunwoody. You can pick the one that suits all your needs and we'll get them installed.

Let us give you some information that comes in handy when you are planning to buy a new door or perform preventive maintenance on the current one. It is useful to know the basic principles behind operations of a garage door. This involves use of door springs which are of 2 types: torsion and extension. Generally, the heavy doors use the torsion door springs when the lighter doors use extension springs. Our tech at Dunwoody will help in selecting the right type of garage door if you want to purchase, install springs or even perform routine maintenance on your current door to your satisfaction.

Here is another tip: There are three kinds of drives mainly chain, screw and belt that are used in garage door openers with different brands of door openers such as Sears, Liftmaster, Genie, Chamberlain and Marantec. To know which one to buy, you need to find out which is the right fit for these garage door openers. Our technicians will be happy to assist you with that. We carry all these brands in stock.

How do you operate your garage door? It becomes easier to operate garage doors automatically using garage door remote. Not only garage door remote saves time but is also convenient compared to manual opening and closing of garage doors. Different brands of remotes are available at our stock like Clicker, Genie, Multicode in Dunwoody, Liftmaster Security + and Intellicode. So you get to choose from a wide variety of garage door remotes by seeking expert suggestions from our team of professionals.

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